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From its 1918 origins in Italy as a constructor named “Costruzione Automobili Ing. A. Gallanzi” making the “Ardita” from our original Milano offices of the “Salone dell’automovile” in the Via Gustavo Modena 4, the company has evolved to specialize in high-technology R&D projects. Amongst our early achievements are the world’s first double-control automobile and the fitting out of the world’s first external illumination by fluorescent lights of a department store, the Buenos Aires branch of the world-famous Harrods in 1930. More recent developments include the tunnelling velocimeter, which is capable of 3D velocity measurement of unsteady phenomena such as secondary flow in turbomachinery, through a single optical access point.

Our excellent working conditions and profit-sharing plans enable us to attract high quality personnel. Moreover, through having worked in collaborative projects in a wide range of industrial problems, we have developed a network of consultants and specialist services providers, thus being able to develop sophisticated solutions efficiently and at a competitive cost. We are therefore confident of being able to support our customers in finding suitable solutions to their needs.

Ours is a small business where more than half of us have advanced degrees in science and engineering. Many of our projects require that employees work on-site in customer facilities. Nevertheless, Ardita has extensive and well-equipped laboratory, design and support and facilities available in England and Switzerland, as well as a low-cost dollar-denominated site in Mexico to support work programs.

A minority of projects are generated in-house and developed to a point where they can be offered in an IPO or directly to interested parties, on a venture-technology basis, i.e. where the company takes on the technology risk associated with an innovation project.  Normally, venture capital companies attempt to minimize the market risk related to innovation by asking entrepreneurs for detailed business plans and are only prepared to undertake the execution risk, which they are well-suited to estimate.  Our company is one of the few independent international companies supporting innovation at the point where technology risk is still a significant factor. 


Serving science, industry and the environment

Ardita Aeronautica  is a leading provider of systems solutions for unmanned vehicles components as well as custom instrumentation and payloads. Our equipment is used in a wide variety of applications. By providing our customers with the advanced products that are essential to their work, Ardita Aeronautica  makes a significant contribution to the improvement of unmanned vehicles performance and safety.

Our customer base and network of contacts are mainly located in Europe and the Americas. We operate through dedicated support offices in the the UK, and Mexico, as well as through a limited network of qualified representatives in other countries. We work closely with leading universities and industrial companies on the evaluation and realization of new equipment, software and payloads. Our business approach is based on three cornerstones: research; quality driven engineering; and a high level of support to our customers, including the development of measuring systems precisely tailored to their needs. The successful implementation of these tenets has won us a leading position in our clearly defined fields of activity.


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L.C.P. Alicia M. García López

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Dr. Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi


Ardita is a Leading Design House, flexible Partner for OEMs and self branded car Manufacturer.

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